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3/27/11: Kale Chips

First time making these. They were really simple and tasted amazing.

black thumb no more

Seeds have been started for our garden. In the past I've killed a cactus and even "killed" a fake plant (melted it accidentally with a candle). We are prepping some seeds and hope to have some great seedlings to transplant once the ground is thawed and the frost risk has passed. Planting took place on Tuesday and Thursday of this past week. It was fun to watch the seedlings today. Every few hours I checked on them AND they were taller every time we checked on them. Awesome stuff.

Master Bedroom Re-do

The project started in we worked from has been a loooooong day BUT so much fun. My Dad, Mike, and Mom, Cyndi, got in on the fun. Mom & I steered clear of being in pics, and stayed behind the camera instead. Here's the progress from today. Can't wait to share before and afters.

Still more work to be done. Have to trim the windows, attach baseboard/quarter round, and a few more finishing touches.

P.S. Mad props to A & Dad. They busted their asses, stopping only to have a coffee & stout cupcake break, homemade chili lunch break and supply run (and to get me a new battery for the crapped out as Mom and I were going to make a Farm & Barn run).

3/25/11: Guinness Stout Cupcakes & A's Special Coffee

Decided to make some Guinness Stout Cupcakes. Nixed the frosting for the evening as we've eaten quite a bit of food tonight. A made some coffee and made some frothed milk with agave nectar topped with cinnamon. Delicious. Decadent desert after a great night.

3/25/11: Butternut Squash Risotto & Imperial Pale Ale

Andy's Dad, Alan, is over tonight and helped us create an awesome Butternut Squash Risotto, from Clean Eating magazine. This is the 3rd time we've had this dish and I think my risotto making is improving! We enjoyed the risotto with the first bottle conditioned taste of Imperial Pale Ale, brewed on 2/19/11. It's going to improve with age for sure. It's nice and hoppy and tastes like Spring!

3/23/11: Popovers

We did it. We made popovers. First time ever. Damn they were good! They lost a little of their "pop" after we took them out. Might have used a few more minutes or maybe a few less...hmmm...dunno. they were a bit hollow in the middle, but still tasted great.

Jewelry Creations

I've made jewelry for years. It's a nice relaxing hobby for me. I have an Etsy shop: Curious Whatnots. It's fun, until someone spills all your beads on the floor...hehe.

3.22.11: To poach an egg

On our menu for the night was a recipe from Eating Well - Asparagus Salad w/Poached Egg

I've never poached an egg before. Surprisingly it went really well and wasn't that hard. It looked pretty good too AND the dish tasted great. We substituted spinach for arugula (the arugula went bad in the fridge). I love making things that taste and look good!

Starting Out

This is me:

And this is my husband and best friend, Andy:

We like to eat, brew beer, and make things with our own two hands. I'm going to chronicle our adventures and share what happens. It should be fun. At least for us it will be.

Let the adventure begin!