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Babymoon 2011: Part one

Lots of exciting things happening lately. so many that I have taken many pics of all of our good eats and projects, but haven't sat down to put together any posts. In all the commotion we decided we needed a break. Newlyweds get their honeymoons and we decided we deserved a babymoon before the little ankle biter arrives.

We spent 4 days total on our little getaway to Milwaukee. Of course we happened to be there during the HOTTEST days of the summer (seriously the ones that were 115 heat index) and we walked a lot... Here's a small recap of our travels.

Drove through Lake Geneva

Visit to the Jelly Belly Warehouse

Dinner at Las Cubanitas (amazing Cuban food!) Forgot to take pics of the food...

Breakfast @ Blue's Egg (mmmmmmmmmmmmm)
Andy ordered Blue's Classic Benedict w/goat cheese, roasted olive and paprika aoli browns (hashbrowns).

I had the House granola w/berries, milk and yogurt w/a bagel and caper cream

It was so much food I think we didn't e…

13.5 week belly pic

I said I wasn't going to do this, but I did. Here's a photo of my belly at 13.5 weeks. I'm now 15 weeks along so another shot will be coming soon. It's not horrible so you don't have to shield your eyes just yet ;-)

We found something out today...

Went to the Dr. today for our second ultrasound. We had some fun since there was a student from Blackhawk Technical College doing the ultrasound. She and the regular tech took a thousand pictures and were having a great time. We didn't think we would find out if Baby E. is a boy or girl, especially at 12.5 weeks, but it was pretty obvious...