Pizza Night

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago. It's been 2 weeks since I've had 10 minutes to sit down and put some pics with this post. The pizza was really good....

It's been forever since Andy & I have really cooked together.  He cooks a lot, especially during the week because the evening after Augie goes to sleep is my prime exercise time.

Finally after months of trading dinner and playtime or exercise time we made a pizza! And it wasn't your regular run of the mill frozen deal. We made a gluten free Prosciutto, mushroom, spinach, onion and goat cheese pizza on a garbanzo  bean flour crust.

Note: you can still see my swollen lip from my recent dental surgery...
 We started with a quick crust and tripled it, using a little less water and adding yeast.  We let it sit 30 min as suggested, spread it on our pizza sheet (with aluminum foil because it wad a bit thin) and tossed it on the grill. We threw on some garlic powder, sage, dill and dried geen onion and let it cook on one side.

 Then we flipped it over and added our toppings. Delish. Then back on the grill until done.

 We served this baby up with some  kalamata olive muffeletta style dip.
All in all a fun night cooking with my man.  



Today was our third adventure to the Discovery Center Museum, since Augie was born. We went just after his 1st Birthday, then again a few weeks ago (and purchased a year membership) and decided a cold, Sunday morning would be a great opportunity to get out of the house. 
Augie's 1st Discovery Center Trip-1/21/13
Augie's 1st Discovery Center Trip-1/21/13
At our first visit, Augie was a relatively new walker. It was the first time he had walked anywhere, besides home and school, in his little leather shoes. Now, I can barely keep up with him AND he's almost worn out his favorite tennies. 

Where should we start?

The shapes & lights are fun...

The puzzles are great too.

Peg stacking is exciting.

Driving a car is even more fun. 

And playing house is fantastic!

 Andy had as much fun as Augie today...

So did I...


My Little Toddler

Well, at 15 months old, this dude is a sponge. Each day he is surprising me with the new actions, gestures, noises, word attempts, and some of the more "grown up" things he is doing.

Here's the rundown of the good stuff:

Night-weaned-Finally!! About 5 weeks ago. Sleep had been a major issue in our household...frequent night wakings, long night wakings, difficulty going to sleep, not being able to go to sleep or settle himself, etc. We tried a few different methods and went with what worked for us...and yes, it did work, obviously. Most nights we get a full nights sleep and Andy & I are able to have some down time-just the two of us. It's nice.

Augie Stats:
Height-8th percentile
Weight-20lbs 12 oz-6th percentile
Head circumference -still large-60th percentile

Augie's Dr. is happy with his growth, as it has been consistent and steady. He's still just a small guy. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Fave foods: tomatoes, avocado, cucumbers, fruit/veggie/grain pouches, applesauce, yogurt, potatoes, Applegate Farms breakfast sausage (seriously), and a new found enjoyment for green olives
  • Fave toys: dinosaur, animal toys, cars,balls, Doug, anything that's not a toy-specifically Dad's old cell phone
  • Eating with a fork!
  • Pacifier:YES-3 at bedtime

  • Books: Too many to name!! Loves 'em.
  • Making animal noises: roar (dino, hippo, and several other animals) meow, wuff, neigh, ooh ooh (monkey), elephant noises (with trunk movements), owl (ask him what an owl says-"owwwwwl")
  • Running and trying to jump
  • Stretching and doing yoga 
  • Drawing, painting and stickers!
  • Throwing balls
  • Tubbies and bedtime routine
  • Being outside and playing


  • Foods: depends on the day
  • Diaper changes-it's a battle sometimes
  • Coming in from outside
  • Lengthy car rides

Augie is starting to "talk" more. He tries to repeat a lot of words that we say and he constantly wants to know "What's that?" He's done this for months and it's starting to pay off. He's very intelligent...I might be biased~slightly. Love him.

Week of the Young Child 2013

This last week was National Week of the Young Child. To celebrate, the Ryan Jury Center (Augie's school) scheduled fun dress up days, hosted different events for the kids (including a talent show and a parade) and collected items needed for an area shelter. Last year's celebration was great. Augie was the new kid at school, having just started daycare a few weeks earlier at the ripe old age of 3 months. Now, at 15 months old, we dressed him up and turned him loose to express himself in his own Augie way.

Monday-Crazy Hair and Sock Day
Augie ended up being my little punk kiddo this day-faux hawk, skinny tie and funky socks. Man he's cute.

Tuesday-Cowboy Day 
Augie sort of looked more like a farmer than a cowboy. Cowboy is hard to do for a wee man like Augie. At the end of the day Augie brought home a picture of himself in on a horse (horse jumparoo), wearing a neck bandanna and a cowboy hat. We even practiced saying "Yee Haw". He had the yee and the haw separate, but not quite together. 

Wednesday-Pajama and Bubbles Day
Augie was a touch "off" on Wednesday morning. His eyes say it all, "I'm not feeling well Mama." True to my Mom's intuition I received a phone call that Augie was running a fever and had to be picked up early from daycare. We spent some afternoon/evening hours cuddling and watched some old "Doug" videos. (Andy's old Doug doll is Augie's new friend).

Thursday-Dress Your Best
Augie & I spent the day together. I work only 4 days per week. This was my day off for this week and good thing, because Augie still wasn't at 100%. Fever was gone, but we had more snuggle time, his 15 month Well Check visit (good timing-blog to come later with updates), and even more snuggle time. 

Friday-Super Hero/Character Day 
Being fever free for 24 hours, we were headed to school with high hopes that the Augieman would make it through the day. We, oddly, have no super hero clothes that fit Augie right now, SO we decided to dress him as one of his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba characters, Brobee. Luckily at daycare they made superhero capes for the kiddos and Augie sported his Green Lantern cape proudly. You can still tell, by his red, puffy eyes, that he's still not feeling quite himself. 

This week was really fun, even with a sick little guy. Dressing up all week, and opening up some new Hot Wheels, made the week go by quickly. Augie is nearing his first big graduation day(*tear*). In just over a week he will  transition to the "Tots" room. He's visited his new room once and had a blast. This coming week he will spend some good, quality time playing in his new stomping grounds, make some new friends and get to know his teachers. He's been very attached to his infant room teachers, Miss Deb and Miss Jen. This next Friday will be a rough day for us all, but with it will bring some new and exciting experiences for the Augieman.

He's getting big so fast. He's definitely a little toddler; curious, interested, creative, and yes, tantrum throwing...yet at the same time, he's still my little baby boy.


A Saturday Morning

We hadn't yet been to the Nicholas Conservatory. Saturday turned into a great day to finally make the trip. Our Saturday plans fell through and after Augie's morning nap we decided it was about time we went to see what the Conservatory is all about.

It was really a nice day. Augie loved the plants, as did Andy & I. Andy captured some great flower pictures. The orchids were amazing.


The wee man really loved the water features and the koy fish. I'm pretty sure he was ready to jump right in and go for a swim with the fishies. 

Augie especially loved that there was a story time going on to celebrate Dr. Seuss' Birthday. A nice volunteer, named Jan, read Augie "Green Eggs & Ham" while he played with/on Rockin' Ruby, the conservatory's resident tree frog. 

We found out that there are frequent events, like story time, and there is always some sort of fun "make and take" craft for kids in their botany/craft room. The activity on Saturday was a little old for Augie (painting washers and making a washer necklace), but as the wee man grows up it will be a perfect place to take him for a little fun and education.

Can't wait until the weather warms upr, there is less (or no) snow on the ground and we can take another fun day trip to the conservatory.