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Food. Yup. Food.

Some food that we've had over the past week or two that have yet to make it to this blog.

Huevos Rancheros

Steak Tacos w/greek yo and avocado on corn tortillas

Cobb Salad w/Cod

Bacon Wrapped Dates

4/30/11: One Eyed Bobs w/other yumminess

Had a great workout @ 815 Bootcamp this morning. Needed a delicious and healthy breakfast to compliment it. A made One Eyed Bobs (formally known as one eyed Susans, but you know...Monsters v. Aliens...), heated up some left over Indian spiced asparagus and chicken, and made burnt feta and bread "coins". I made a banana, plum and blueberry fruit salad w/a little agave nectar and cinnamon. This was a nice meal. Great way to start the day. No need for a big lunch today!

Goodwill Find

I think it's been re-covered, but who cares. It cleaned up nicely, matches the colors in our bedroom and best of didn't break the bank at a whopping $7.

4/17/11: Carlyle Pizza Scramble

A & I went to Carlyle Brewery last night for dinner before hitting Spring ArtScene 2011. Dinner was great, as was ArtScene, where we ran into some old friends. We had some leftovers of our pepperoni, green & black olive and mushroom pizza and instead of hitting our usual Sunday morning breakfast spot, Mary's Market, we decided to re-create our amazing pizza scramble. Just added red peppers, green onion, a dash of zesty pepper jack cheese and eggs to the mix w/a side of avocado and toast w/honey.....mmmmm. Oh yeah and a bit of Carlyle Stout to round out the meal. What a great way to start a stay at home Sunday!

4/13/11: Tan's Creative "Quiche"

I wanted to make quiche. I couldn't get myself to purchase a store bought (full of trans fat, not good for me) pie crust. So I tried something different. I bought a pack of organic, vegan fillo dough from the fillo factory. I layered the dough on the bottom, added my quiche ingredients, layered sheets on the top and baked it up. It was tasty...and healthy! yum.

Asparagus. Yum.

When we moved in October, we weren't exactly sure what the old homeowners had growing in their garden that might come up for us this year. A trip into the garden this morning shows some yummy eats that I can't wait to get my hands on. We have asparagus!


Black thumb be gone. The seedlings are sprouting beautifully and this weekend I did some transplanting into larger containers. Can't wait to get them in the garden! Bring on the warm temps. I want to eat some home grown goodies.

Bedroom - Work in Progress

The bedroom re-design continues. This weekend we put up curtains (which I need to steam) and did some touch up work. Awaiting the headboard and going to work on the closet interior a bit more.

Bedroom before:

Bedroom in progress:

We're getting close!

I made it...

into the Rockford Handmade Market! Curious Whatnots will have a shop set up on May 26 from 4-10pm at the Prairie Street Brewhouse. I went to the market back in December and bought some great handmade Christmas gifts. I'll have a variety of jewelry, keychain charms and other goodies for sale. Please put it on your calendar and support the awesome things people make with their hands here in the Rockford area! so exciting...


A & I went to the Antique Mall in South Beloit today. It was a great time. I found so much stuff that I wanted to get, but you can only fit so much in the Honda Civic. A had the best find of the day and we had to make a purchase. I love it...

I've been sick

It's been a long week with a sinus cold. We've done a lot but I haven't posted to show it. I hadn't felt up to it until today. Here's the re-cap...

Wednesday: A took the day off and made me work...even thought I felt like crap! Finished the window trim.

And made a saw horse...named it Albus Dumblehorse..

Thursday: A bought me flowers after work since I was still sick. They are awesome!

Friday: The seedlings are growing so fast! I need to cut some of them and do some replanting into larger peet pots.

Saturday: Dad came over to help A finish the closet trim, door trim and floor trim. It looks fantastic!