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Our New Arrival: Meet August Andrew Eikstadt

Well it's been over a week since you've seen a post from me and most of you know that it's because we've been busy, busy, busy with our new arrival!!!!

August Andrew Eikstadt was born on Monday January 16, 2012 at 12:57pm. Some of you have already heard me say this but here it is again: he was 7lbs 12oz and 20 inches of perfect. And seriously, I'm not lying. He's perfect.

It's amazing to think that this little dude made his home inside of me for almost 10 months. He was born when I was 39 weeks 3days...just shy of his due date of 1/20/12. Yesterday he was a week old. it made me tear up a little to think how much he has already grown and changed since his birth day.

We brought him home just last Wednesday, after a big snow storm moved through on Tuesday.

Augie did great on the car ride home and has already had his first outing to the Dr., in which he was a champ for the appt (which just so happened to be another day with a big snow storm).

Augie was sent hom…

01/15/12: Fig & Oat Scones w/Goat Cheese & Caper Scramble

We debated on having a left over pizza scramble or frittata this morning for breakfast. It's one of the best uses of left over pizza of any kind. But I had talked a big game about making scones this morning to have for the week and I felt compelled to pull through.

Last night I came up with the idea of using our scone recipe from last weekend and changing the ingredients. Instead of apple cinnnamon drop scones, I made fig & oat scones. Their kind of more like a biscuit, in that they are shaped differently and aren't quite as "hard" as a scone. Regardless they did not dissapoint. The recipe consisted of many of the same basic ingredients all baked in the oven for 10-15 min (or until golden brown) at 400 degrees.

1 cup spelt flour1/8 cup oat flour1/4 cup oats1 tsp cinnamon4 tsp baking soda1/2 tsp baking powderdash of sea salt2 tsp honey1/4 cup oil1 splash of apple juice (maybe 3 tbsp) 1 cup Greek yoJuice 1/2 an orange1/3 cup chopped figshandful of walnuts Topping sp…

01/14/12: Prosciutto & Goat Cheese Grilled Pizza

We love the grilled pizza...especially when it's somewhere between 10-15 degrees outside! Last night we whipped together a savory pizza that was really, really tasty.

We blistered up some peppers in the oven:

Sauteed onions and mushrooms:

Cut up some prosciutto:

Sprinkled on a little goat cheese:

And cooked the sucker up on the Weber:

The peppers were amazing and had a lovely roasted flavor. Throw on a little malt vinegar and some sriracha and a super tasty dinner. It was enjoyed by A w/a Southern Tier IPA (one of our fave breweries) and by my with a Kiddie cocktail of massive proportion (club soda, cranberry & apple juices, splash of OJ, squeeze of lime).

For desert I made some pudding w/milk and almond milk and layered graham crackers, pudding, bananas, and whip cream with a dash of cinnamon on top. This was a fantastic chocolaty treat post dinner.

01/14/12: One Eyed Bobs

We love a good breakfast. This morning we slept in and are still hanging in our pajamas and it's after 10am. We're listening to some good tunes...Andy playin' DJ. We've run the gamut from Black Keys, to Da Yoopers, Life Aquatic Soundtrack to it's switched to some Dub Step (the dub step version of I Whip my Hair Back and Forth to be exact).

Yeah it's been a fun morning of music and good food. While I was blogging about last night's Date Night, Andy made One Eyed Bobs. We've heard them called Lazy Eyed Susans, but after watching Monsters v. Aliens one too many times and having a niece who loves the movie, they have morphed into a new name. We've made them many times in the past and they are a good, easy breakfast. Just a little buttered toast, a hole cut in the center and a cracked egg cooked up in a skillet. Andy added a little asiago and parmesan crispy to the mix today along with a good cup o' Joe. Yum.

Friday Night Date Night

As "D-day" (Deliver Day) approaches we seem to be cooking less and less on certain nights. We definitely can recognize when neither of us have the energy to power through cooking a meal. At least we know to not force it. Andy was on call this past week and was called in 4 times...and didn't get much sleep. This caused me to stay up a lot thinking to myself "Don't arrive now Captain Fuzzypants. Dad will be tired..." I know sounds weird but that's how my brain works.  Found out later Andy was thinking the same thing.

Last night was the first night all week that we were able to both relax and enjoy some time together. We ordered take out from PhoSquare: 2 orders of Stir Fry Pho Combos with lemon grass chicken and beef and we each got a "Freeze". I got the mango and A ordered the coconut (which sort of ended up tasting like buttered popcorn jelly bellies...not my fave but Andy saved his and plans on having it with breakfast this morning).  (*side …

38 Weeks (and counting) Belly pic

Now we're getting antsy. I hit uncomfortable a few weeks ago...I can deal with that. Now we are just antsy to meet the little guy and introduce him to his family and friends. I think Andy & I are in fast forward mode all of a sudden, just wanting the time to fly by...
Looking at pictures from last week it appears I may have dropped slightly...maybe?...maybe not? I guess I can sort of breath a little easier. I'm not waddling like many people say you do when this happens...I'm just slow...haha. I'm not nesting either. I've posted to Facebook to tell friends what I've been up to and they say I am, but really that's just me. I'm totally anal retentive and a perfectionist and have to have things in their place. This is my norm. Not anything new. 

As the time draws near my patients at work continue to say things like, "You're still here?" and "Had that baby yet?" (most annoying question ever). Yes, I'm not a figment of your im…

01/07/11: Apple Cinnamon-Cherry Walnut Drop Scones & Smoothies!

In the summer we have smoothies almost every day for breakfast. In the winter...not so much. Instead our staple foods have been hot bran cereal or eggs & toast. The past month or so I've been pretty picky about breakfast foods and we've ended up eating a lot of dry cereal. Toasted O's mostly. Not very exciting, but I just haven't had the motivation to make our usual...and it just hasn't sounded good. Lately I've really wanted to start making smoothies again. This morning, finally, we did!

Andy & I made some scones first to go with the smoothies. The recipe is a rough version from Clean Eating Magazine a few years ago. It's fast and easy and we put our own spin on it by adding a handful of walnuts and dried cherries to the mix. Here's the recipe:

Apple Cinnamon-Cherry Walnut Drop Scones

1 cup spelt flour1/4 cup oat flour1 tsp cinnamon4 tsp baking soda1/2 tsp baking powderdash of sea salt2 tsp honey1/4 cup oil1 cup apples (recipe called for peeling …

New Year's Day Breakfast

Had a nice little spread for breakfast yesterday morning. It was a mish mosh of all sorts of fun delectables and was great for a lazy first morning of 2012.