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Oatmeal Mess

Our current favorite morning meal is McCann's steel cut Irish oatmeal with a slew of goodies added in. Supposedly McCann's only processes steel cut oats in their mills. They can't claim to be gluten free because of possible contaminants in route to the plants, but they haven't seemed to cause any issue for us so we'll keep eating them. I like the funky aftertaste like with some other oats. We've opted for the 5 minute quick oats out of convenience. We have tried making them at night and storing in the fridge in jars for quick heating up...this works too, but we like it freshly made.

This morning Andy toasted the oatmeal before cooking, along with some almonds & walnuts with a bit of cinnamon and sugar.

Then he cooked up some bananas with cinnamon on the griddle.

I've been obsessed with chia seeds lately and have a healthy scoop on top of my oatmeal each day. I really like Bob's Red Mill chia seeds. Chia seeds are said to be high in Omega-3…

In the Kitchen Again

Not much innovative cooking has been going on in our kitchen over the past several months. Andy has been amazing at whipping up dinner on most nights since our evenings have been unpredictable. It's been wonderful and he's a great chef, but we've stuck ourselves in a bit of a rut out of convenience mostly. And based on the fact that I have basically gone gluten free and dairy free & cut out many other foods due to Augie's sensitivity to them, we've run out of options.  It's been a challenge to make sure I'm eating enough throughout the day, since my old staple snacks of cheese & crackers, peanut butter & pretzels, etc are now out. We tend to eat a lot of corn chip taco bowls with a variety of different proteins and veggies and a lot of Asian inspired bowls with rice noodles, veggies & egg. They are great, but we are looking for a little change. 
The past two weeks have been great as Augie has fallen into a pattern of going to bed between 7 …

3 Months Old: To Work & Baby College

Last week Augie turned 12 weeks. Just this week, on Monday, was his 3 month birthday. He has changed sooooo much since he was born and we continue to notice new characteristics and personality traits on a daily basis. 

Last Monday, after a full weekend of Easter activities, I went back to work. Augie went to daycare, or as my Dad calls it, Baby College.  Andy was nice enough to take the week off work prior to my return. We had some things we wanted to do around the house...including doubling the size of our garden (post to come on that soon).  And we eve made a trip to Madison to visit friends.  It was nice to be able to prepare mentally and physically and spend some quality time with my favorite boys. 

Augie is the newest member of Room 3 at the Ryan Jury Center, Swedish American's Daycare.

He's the youngest infant in his room and he is definitely the "Ladies Man" (thanks Greg, Angel, Alexys & Morgan for the cutest outfit EVER!). His teachers, Miss Deb and Miss…