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Potatoes and Lettuce

A & I created a few new additions for our backyard. We are a little late on planting but that's ok. Weather has been weird. Potatoes are in our awesome new bin, which supposedly can grow 100lbs in a small space. Lettuce will be going in tomorrow in our new raised bed. Wonderful for keeping out those hungry little rabbits.

Albus Dumblehorse's Friend

We made Albus a friend so he wouldn't be alone. Now we have a matching set.

Been soooo busy...

with some house projects and preparing for the Rockford Handmade Market! I'm so excited for this and hope that anyone and everyone will attend. Here's the info:

Rockford Handmade Market
Thursday, May 26, 2011
@ the Prairie Street Brewhouse on Madison St

Over 30 vendors from around the Rockford area.
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Here's a few of my new creations on sale at the market:

How does my garden grow?

Well we'll find out soon enough. Last Friday night I planted almost everything. All the little plants that we started in the house so long ago finally met their final resting place. Some of them deserve an RIP at this point. Many of them took to the ground just fine. Some of them have not enjoyed the really hot weather the past few days. Today I had to remove the peas, beans and a few of the puny looking tomato plants.

I have replanted peas and beans, bought a few hardy looking tomatoes and peppers. Everything else is coming up GREAT! Keep your fingers crossed.

First night planted: 5/6/11

After the fence: 5/8/11

Mother's Day

so I'm a few days behind here, and wish I would have taken more food pictures of what was served on at our fantastic Mother's day at our house.

The menu:
-breakfast casserole
-shikrand and pooris (if you don't know what it is check out my previous blog post)
-fruit salad
-oatmeal cookes & s'mores cookies
-mimosas, spritzers and other fun kiddie cocktails

The fam:

Compost Tumbler & Rain Barrel

They are done (minus still needing to put the overflow nozzle on the rain barrel). The composter is already loaded with yard and kitchen scraps. We mounted the barrel on it's side with castor wheels underneath so we can roll it and mix up the good stuff. And we are awaiting a little rain to try out the rain barrel officially. A had to try out the rain barrel (of course) and sprayed the roof with water. It went where it was supposed to go, so we should be all good next time it rains.

Birthday Dessert

Forgot to post these pics from my Birthday dinner. One of my coworkers and amazing bakers, Karissa, texted me on Monday morning and said she had treats to bring over after work. She showed up with some s'more oatmeal cookies from Food Network Magazine, that were to die for AND a piece of rhubarb pie from on of our fun patients...He makes GREAT pies. Thank you Karissa and Bill!

B-day Present from A: Super Find!

Weeks ago, A & I went to South Beloit to the Roscoe Antique Mall. I saw the most incredible set of vintage Samsonite luggage. It was a set of 3 in hot red and was in fantastic condition. Right after seeing the luggage I saw the old school roller derby roller skates w/wooden wheels which now sit in my front room (and I blogged about last month). I forgot about the luggage until last night when A presented me with the most thoughtful b-day present.

I guess about a week ago he and Alan had a guys day and made a trip to the antique mall just to get the luggage. I was happy to just have the picture A gave me to add to our picture wall. It's from our garden. Little did I know that was just the first of 3 awesome presents.

5/2/11: Birthday Dinner!!!

Decided to have a mini grill fest for my 31st.

The Menu:
-Murphy's Irish Stout & Founder's Dirty Bastard Black & Tans
-Bacon wrapped dates and goat cheese stuffed dates as an appetizer
-panko encrusted Asian asparagus
-grilled sweet potatoes
-sirloin & chicken skewers

Delicious! Decided to mix up the Black and Tans and try them with our own home brewed Imperial Pale Ale in place of the Founder's....yup it was good.

Enjoyed a little fire, the cool weather and some fun hanging lanterns in the trees. Great day!

Birthday Festivities

Started working on the Compost Tumbler for the backyard. Didn't finish the project on my B-day but got a good jump start!