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Paleo Foods-Carrot Cake Balls & more

Augie is just over four moths old now! Wow how time flies and how he continues to change. He's had a cold and a bit of a cough but that seems to be dissipating. He's such a little ball of fun. He almost mastered rolling from back to stomach. He still loves to grab things and is now reaching to hold items with both hands. Daycare continues to go well. Sleeping was improved for a while, but with his cold and with his four month shots, our/his "schedule" got all discombobulated. We are still trying to get back to longer sleep times at night. Overall the little man is happy, which makes us happy too!

Our food adventures continue. I have pretty much cut out eggs now and am eating as little processed foods as possible since I have no clue what chemical ingredients are in things (even though there are ingredient lists on foods there are still those phantom ingredients that might not be listed). I've been reading more about the Paleo movement (eating like the cavemen used…

Going Gluten Free-Dairy Free

Over the past several weeks I've changed my diet drastically. The wee one is a gassy little man and as I have adjusted my diet, I've noticed things have changed for the better. There is a lot of information floating around about eliminating certain foods from your diet which can irritate babies digestive systems. The major players that can affect infants are dairy, wheat, soy, eggs, beans, broccoli, spinach, peanuts, and citrus fruits, among a few others. I have cut all of these out of my diet except for eggs. This means no cheese, greek yogurt and other good things that I love to eat....however I've noticed that with cutting these things out, not only is Augie's digestive system is mine. It's a win win. Of course I still miss eating a few of these things (specifically cheese, greek yo and peanut butter!), but I feel pretty good with the whole process. 
So, with undertaking this adventure we have embarked on some new dishes in the kitchen. We are still g…

Week of the Young Child

Week 4 into the back to work/daycare adventure and we are doing pretty well. I'm getting the hang of a loose morning routine and Augie is excelling at daycare. At the end of each day I get a sheet telling me when he napped, had diaper changes, ate (and how much), etc. The sheets also have an area for the child's disposition (i.e. fussy, happy, etc).  Up until last week nothing has been circled. I think everyone was still getting an idea of his personality. Last week Augie came home with three papers stating that he was cheerful! it. I thoroughly enjoy having a smiley kiddo.

The past week was Week of the Young Childat the Ryan Jury Center and nationally. The theme: "Early Years are Learning Years." To celebrate the week each different day had it's own dress up theme, which not only did the kids participate, but the teachers did too. Here's a run down of the days:

Monday-Pajama Day

Tuesday-Team Day-We aren't so into sports teams, so Augie wore a &q…