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2 Months Old Already

Monday Augie turned eight weeks old. Technically Friday he was 2 months (if you are going by the date...). He's turning into such a little man. It's absolutely incredible to watch him grow. He's had a lot of family visitors. It's normal to have both sets of Grandparents, his Aunt Boo Boo & Cousin Lehnie stop by frequently. 

Lehnie is going to be a big sister in May so she's getting a lot of practice too. She think's he is soooooo cute AND prefers to call him by his formal name, August.  
Grandpa Alan came by for a visit last week. Someone was a little fussy and is still getting a hang of the bottle. We currently give him about one a week to make sure he is used to it when the time rolls around for day care when I go back yo work (just about 3 weeks away now). Yesterday he had two bottles from Dad and they were much more successful. In the next few weeks we'll practice a little more.

Augie is very alert and loves looking around the room. He really enjoy…

Augie's Six Weeks Old

Well, Augie is getting big fast. The munchkin now weighs in at 9lbs 7oz and he continues to grow daily. He has outgrown most of his newborn clothes, which is amazing and strange at the same time. The newborn gear looks so small now. I look forward each week to having him weighed at my Lactaion Support Group.

We are trying this week to have him sleep in the pack and play. For the past three weeks I have been sleeping propped up on the couch or chair with him sleeping on my chest. The poor little guy is very gassy and grunts a lot if he's not slightly elevated. Sleeping with him upright allowed everyone in the house to get more sound sleep. 

 He also likes the warmth of being cozy and snuggling (which I have to say I love too). I've tried to adjust my diet to see if that helps with his gas (no dairy...bye, bye cheese and greek yogurt..., no broccoli/cauliflower, one cup of coffee in the morning, limited citrus fruits, etc). It seems to help a little. Each night we are making pr…