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Augiemonster's Monster Bash

OK we're exhausted. The house is kind of a mess. There are random cupcake sprinkles on the floor. But oh did we had a great time. The guest list was comprised of about 45+ family and friends. Yeah, that's a lot. We borrowed lots of tables and chairs from others and enlisted the help of my Mother in law, Peggy, and my Dad (my Mom was sick...bummer). Peggy came to our house on Friday to help prep. We prepared the fruit, veggies, Augie's cake and frosting (more on that later) and Peggy made an awesome door monster, that Andy named Dory. I drew some monsters on our entry way chalk board. Augie loves running his hands over the monsters and smearing the chalk. *Warning-LOTS of pictures ahead*

Saturday arrived and we did some last minute prep. Decorations, streamers, balloons, googly eyes, etc. My Dad did a great job with the googly eyes.

We had lots of great food.

Monster cupcakes!

We had tons of fun playing.

And visiting.

My Baby is ONE!

I can't believe it's happened. As of Wednesday, Augie is officially ONE! It's been a heck of a year. And honestly, it's flown by so fast.  Everyone says that they grow up quickly. I didn't really believe it, but now I do.

My little guy is less fat and chubby infant, and is looking more and more like a thinned out, super active toddler each day.

I look back at the last published blog post. It's from 7 months. The last 5 months have been a whirl wind and so much has happened that I literally have had no time to sit down and type. I feel somewhat sad about that, but I do have 2 unpublished posts which are lacking pictures that I can look back at. We also have about a thousand an a half pictures and videos that we have taken throughout this past year.

Occasionally Andy & I sit down after Augie has gone to sleep, and we look at all the pics and videos. They make us smile and sometimes tear's been a great journey so far. We both love the little guy tr…