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Happy Father's Day Daddy!

You're the best! 

I can't wait to grow up and be just like you.

I love you! 


Augie's First Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday we packed up the car and headed to Madison to the Henry Vilas Zoo. We love this's just the right size, is very well maintained and has great animals. Unfortunately every time Andy & I go to Madison the weather seems to be rainy or windy...just downright unfavorable. We were nervous over the weekend, but kept watching the weather which showed the temps in the low 70s and sun. Lucky for all of us, it turned out to be a fantastic day! The weather was perfect!

This zoo stays busy all the time so we had a short 2 block walk through the surrounding neighborhood. When we arrived Augie was interested in EVERYTHING. We didn't expect much for his first time. We thought that maybe he'd be more interested in garbage cans and fence posts, but to our surprise he was amazed by certain animals, the trees and of course the people.

Augie really liked the Buffalo.

He also was very interested in the big fish. 

We packed snacks, took our time and stopped at Bluephies for…

Gluten Free/Egg Free Quick Breakfast

So I eat oatmeal most days of the week...sometimes for dinner too. On the weekends we like to change it up a bit and frankly, I love breakfast foods. I have not been eating eggs or other dairy for several weeks, so what's a girl to eat? Well, we can still make a pretty mean smoothie. Check out this Chocolate Cherry Banana Smoothie.

The ingredients-in any amount you want:  Rice milkFrozen cherriesFrozen bananaDark chocolate cocoa powder (milk/lactose free)
And if you have never tried Van's Gluten free products-you should. I was surprised at their choices and both their waffles and french toast sticks are phenomenal...seriously, they are. Below is a pic of the french toast sticks with some toasted walnuts and coconut and a smearing of honey. YUM.

Can't end a post without a pic of the dude, right? 

Roasted Grape, Goat Cheese & Honey Baked Sweet Potato

Oh this is a fun recipe we tried last week that I found on Pinterest.

It's a roasted grape, goat cheese and honey baked sweet potato. Who knew you could roast grapes? The disch was really good. We didn't scoop out the potato and mix in the goat cheese this time. Instead we just cut up the sweet potato and loaded everything on top.  Both Andy & I thought that adding some toasted walnuts to the mix might add a different dimension of flavor. We also agreed that this would make a great Fall meal. We will be having this one again and will try the "twice baked" style...

In other news...Augie likes to "scream".  It makes us smile ;-)