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7 Month+ Update

This was supposed to be a 6 month post, which turned into a 6 and a half month post and we are. Augie was officially 7 months old on August 16th! The past 7+ months have completely flown by. It's obvious by my lack of posting that we have been keeping busy with other things....mainly this guy-

We've had some long, sleepless nights, but overall everything is running very smoothly in the Eikstadt household. Augie is growing by leaps and bounds and is healthy as can be. We had his 6 month well child visit with his pediatrician, and he weighed in at 16lbs 4 oz. He's definitely growing!

Here is what the little man is up to these days:
Sitting up for long periods of time without supportRolling from front to back and back to front and then again and again and again...Army crawling and recently doing "push ups", planks and getting ready to crawl (I'm estimating within the next 2 weeks)Sleeping on his belly! (Ok not all the time, but occasionally)Eating soli…