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02/20/2012: Nutella French Toast

Andy is off work for Presidents' Day today. It's been nice having a three day weekend with the whole family. Today we are just spending the day cleaning up the house and organizing and just enjoying each other's company. Since we weren't in a rush this morning we decided on a more involved meal: Nutella French Toast. I saw a pic/recipe for this on Pinterest but never actually read the recipe. I figured we could figure this one out on our own. It was easy AND really good. Who doesn't love Nutella?

Here's what we did-
Mix up some eggs with cinnamon and brown sugar
Soak the bread in the eggs
Slap it on the griddle until cooked
Layer french toast with a little Nutella and walnuts
Top with cinnamon, a dash of brown sugar and just a teeny bit of maple syrup
Serve with a side of fruit and there you have a great breakfast for a nice day off

Augie even helped...Today he's 5 weeks old!

Andy's 35th Birthday! Cookies & Crafts

Today is Andy's 35th! Happy Birthday to my favorite husband...haha.

I felt ambitious today and wanted to do a couple of fun projects. I stuck Augie in the Moby Wrap...

he actually likes it (so do I...very comfortable). He fell asleep right away, long enough for me to do something creative. I made Andy some beer coasters, which I wanted to make him for Christmas, but never got around to doing. They are pretty fun and just have some different advertisements, etc for beer on them. Can we say Modge Podge? hehe. I hot glued cloth on the bottom so they won't scuff anything. Oh they are made out of tiles...

Then I thought I would make him some sort of good eats. I figured that we had the ingredients for oatmeal raisin cookies. So I whipped up a batch of those from one of my favorite foodie websites, Smitten Kitchen. I altered the recipe slightly, as I didn't have any eggs. I used a half of a banana instead. And I added some chocolate chips to the mix....just for fun.

Here's t…

Look Mom, I'm Three (weeks old)

It's so true....they grow up fast. Augie is three weeks old today and he's already changed significantly since the day he was born. He's gone from my little jaundiced pumpkin to my little growing gremlin...noises and all. He's growling right now...

Last Tuesday Augie and I ventured out by ourselves to the Lactation Support Group at Swedish American Hospital. There Moms can have their babies weighed, feed them, and then have them weighed again to see how much they have taken in. They answer questions, give advice and you get to meet other Moms & babies. Last week he had exceeded his birth weight of 7lb 12oz and weighed in at 7lb 15.5oz. Tomorrow I will take Augie to the group again and see how much he has grown.

Both Andy & I can tell he's getting bigger. He's easier to handle...not so "floppy" and he just seems so much stronger. He's more alert each day, which is fun for us all. And I can finally put him in our Baby Bjorn carrier and walk …

Augie's Birth Story

So it's taken me a while to sit down and write about this. We've been adjusting to lots of new daily adventures. And every minute of it has been a blast. I can say I have no complaints! Life as new parents is great and I can only see it getting better. We're adjusting to our different sleep schedule which is really helping our mental health...haha. Andy heads  back to work on Monday next week and I can say I really will miss all of the help that he has provided Augie and I over the past three weeks. He's an amazing husband and father.

So here it goes-

Sunday, the 15th, we slept in, ate left over pizza for lunch, celebrated birthdays at Andy's Grandma Jeanette's...I ate something like three different kinds of cake and ice cream (and I think I went back for a second round of sweets), hung out at my parents for a bit, then came home and ate macaroni and cheese, from a box. Not our usual day of fairly healthy eating, but that's what we had. After dinner we wer…