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3 Months Old: To Work & Baby College

Last week Augie turned 12 weeks. Just this week, on Monday, was his 3 month birthday. He has changed sooooo much since he was born and we continue to notice new characteristics and personality traits on a daily basis. 

Easter 2012
Last Monday, after a full weekend of Easter activities, I went back to work. Augie went to daycare, or as my Dad calls it, Baby College.  Andy was nice enough to take the week off work prior to my return. We had some things we wanted to do around the house...including doubling the size of our garden (post to come on that soon).  And we eve made a trip to Madison to visit friends.  It was nice to be able to prepare mentally and physically and spend some quality time with my favorite boys. 

Augie is the newest member of Room 3 at the Ryan Jury Center, Swedish American's Daycare.

He's the youngest infant in his room and he is definitely the "Ladies Man" (thanks Greg, Angel, Alexys & Morgan for the cutest outfit EVER!). His teachers, Miss Deb and Miss Jen, adore him and the other kids love to look at him. He really enjoys watching them too. Actually he likes to watch EVERYTHING.

His first day went very well. He was smiley when I left and smiley when I returned at lunch to feed him. I wasn't so smiley after I got in the car to drive over to my building. I didn't think I would cry, but I called Andy to tell him how the drop off went and I "lost it". For the whole day I had to tell my patients about the munchkin. It made the day go fast, but I sure missed him. It's nice that I work just a few buildings away and am able to swing over at lunch for feedings. It's great for both of us. 

First day at day care 4/9/12
Ready for school Mom
Thumbs up!
 When I picked him up that first day the staff said he was a champ. He "talked" to me the whole drive home and a little more once we made it in the house. Notice that he was in a different outfit (see pic below...)

The first two days of work were exhausting, but since I work part time I was able to relax on Wednesday and recharge for the rest of my week. We made it through and we are on week two! He's already had a bit of a cold (runny nose mainly-no fever). I blame it on daycare, but it's good for his immune system to be exposed. I have a sinus cold...thank you allergies and unpredictable sleep/rest schedule. 

New Things Augie: 
  • Getting better at grabbing objects
  • Smiling ALL the time-loves making faces at his Dad
  • Yelling now and then. He's found his voice
  • Grunting less
  • Eating-regularly...
  • Sleeping-improved
  • Mimicking certain sounds we make
  • Enjoying "tummy time"-his neck is super strong
  • Loves seeing himself in the mirror. He screams and then acts all shy...
  • Great cuddler 
I think I could go on and on, but I won't. Oh and he's good and drooling...buckets of drool... At least he does so artistically. 


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