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38 Weeks (and counting) Belly pic

Now we're getting antsy. I hit uncomfortable a few weeks ago...I can deal with that. Now we are just antsy to meet the little guy and introduce him to his family and friends. I think Andy & I are in fast forward mode all of a sudden, just wanting the time to fly by...

Looking at pictures from last week it appears I may have dropped slightly...maybe?...maybe not? I guess I can sort of breath a little easier. I'm not waddling like many people say you do when this happens...I'm just slow...haha. I'm not nesting either. I've posted to Facebook to tell friends what I've been up to and they say I am, but really that's just me. I'm totally anal retentive and a perfectionist and have to have things in their place. This is my norm. Not anything new. 

38 weeks
37 weeks
As the time draws near my patients at work continue to say things like, "You're still here?" and "Had that baby yet?" (most annoying question ever). Yes, I'm not a figment of your imagination...I'm still here AND does it look like I've unloaded this kid yet?

The gear is packed in the car for a trip to the hospital. The car seat is getting checked today to make sure we installed it properly.  Andy practically wrestled it into it's spot so I'm sure it's fine. The refrigerator and freezer are stocked with all sorts of good stuffs. SO whenever you want to get here Baby E, we are ready!


  1. Looking forward to the big announcement, Tonya. And, pictures!

    God's blessings,

    Ms Fontechia


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