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34 week belly pic!

34 weeks...going on 35! (weird shadow makes my hair look big on top... but doesn't offset the belly growth...haha. Mom does need a haircut though.)

                              31 weeks                                                    23 weeks

                              20 weeks                                                    17.5 weeks 


13 weeks

We've had our last baby shower. I think we have just about everything we are supposed to need for this kid. Dr. says everything is moving along great...both Mom & baby are healthy and right on track. I get tired, toss and turn occasionally at night, my arms fall asleep at times, and recently the squirmy worm likes to kick me in the back, sending shooting pain down my sciatic nerve pathway! (fun when walking really)... but I know that it comes with the territory. 

Things I'm looking forward to...besides the little guy and all the cuddly cuteness of course...
  • laying/sleeping on my back and/or stomach
  • being able to breath during exercise
  • a good vigorous workout & a getting back to running (can't wait to race again...feeling another sprint Tri coming next summer)
  • getting on my skates for a little Thursday night jam skating with my derby chicks

Things to do in the upcoming weeks: 
  • finish my holiday stuffs! I have been very busy crafting up fun creations and I only have 1 week until our family get together and 2 weeks until Christmas
  • pack the hospital bag
  • get the car seat in the car
  • finish organizing the nursery including lots of laundry for the little guy
  • and various miscellaneous items that are sure to pop up
The next 6 weeks are going to fly by. He could arrive early. He could make a late appearance. We just really don't know when he'll be here...but with just 5 weeks and 4ish days to go (give or take) he'll be here before we know it. 


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