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Is that a big baby?

Had my glucose tolerance test yesterday. For those of you who don't know it's a lovely orange drink (kind of reminds me of REALLY sweet Jarritos drink...non carbonated though). It has 75g of carbs/sugars. You drink it. Wait an hour. Have a blood test. It tells you whether you could have gestational diabetes. If you fail, you get to do a three hour test. If you pass, you are in the clear. If you don't you make some dietary changes. I'm waiting for the phone call as I type....wait.....they just called: I PASSED! yippeee. No gestational diabetes for me.

20 weeks (9.2.11): 
The nice thing was that I was able to have an ultrasound while waiting my hour. We were checking for little man's growth. A few weeks ago we thought he was a BIG baby. It appears that now he is right on track. He is growing fast and ahead of schedule a bit, but they say that means nothing as far as delivering early. Yesterday he weighed about 1lb 15oz. I'm guessing today we are closer to the 2lb mark. He's right on nothing to worry about. And we can finally see some baby fat being added to that tiny skeleton. He doesn't look as bony now and it seems that he likes to suck his thumb/fingers. 

25 weeks (10.11.11):


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