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31 Week Belly Pic & Daddy Boot Camp!

Haven't done one of these in a while. I'm growing-duh! 25 lbs gained...right on track. I think I (he) had a growth spurt last week. It really feels like a lot of weight to carry around. Hard to believe I used to really be 25 lbs heavier at one point years back. It definitely was distributed different then.  Also can't believe we're at 31 weeks already.  Not much longer to go. Everything is going great so far. And the little guy just keeps moving ALOT.

We're getting things ready and feeling a bit more prepared/organized. Nursery is just about finished (blog to come later). And this weekend Andy went to Daddy Boot Camp at Swedes! I'm so proud of him. He volunteered to change a 5 month old's diaper in front of the whole class..and he said he was one of the only soon-to-be Dad's asking questions. He hopes to volunteer to be one of the Dad's who brings in their kids to a future class. He's gonna be such a good Dad...Good job Andy!

Here's a look back at the last several weeks-

31 weeks-

28 weeks-

23 weeks-

20 weeks-

17 weeks- 

13 weeks-


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