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12/24/11: Christmas Eve Breakfast-Pizza & Egg Frittata

Haven't posted in 2 weeks since the 34 week belly pic post. Certainly have been busy with lots of things. AND tired mostly. We haven't cooked that much...well, I should say I haven't cooked much. Andy has kept me fed most nights by whipping something together that is tasty and quick. We had our Muskie Christmas last weekend (post to follow today or tomorrow) and I spent that entire week making presents. And this week I started a prenatal aqua aerobics class, which is great, but makes me even more tired than I already am.

Last night we went for a quick and easy meal...had my parents over for dinner and ordered some pizza's from the local Logli's. They were very good and just what was needed! Ice cream was on the menu for desert. Doesn't sound like our usual cooking huh? Oh well. Like I said it was tasty and filled us up. We had lots of leftovers so this morning Andy made a pizza & egg frittata. It was delicious and oh so easy. All you do is mix up your eggs, chop up your pizza leftovers, throw them in the skillet and bake until done. Add a little cilantro, greek yo, and sriracha and you're set.

Merry Christmas Eve! Off to eat some splendid food at my Mother-in-Law's! She always serves up a great Christmas Eve feast.


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